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Hey, It's Alright My Life Has Never Been A Bed Of Roses.... [entries|friends|calendar]
Kell Rell

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CKY Cleveland 8-6-2009 [14 Aug 2009|05:04am]
if you don't know.. i am a huge fan of CKY. *haters fall back* anywho .. i have had really bad luck in seeing them and now i finally got too.. so here is me and ambers journey
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our one day gotj 09 experience lol [14 Aug 2009|01:05am]
[ mood | happy ]

-Me and Amber got off work at midnight on Friday, ran to wal-mart, picked up Nizos and headed to the gathering at total random. No tickets, nothing. Hah not payin for that shit. We arrived around 6am. I had a tent in my trunk since gathering 07.. hadn't touched it since. So i'm like hell yea we have a tent lets do this. We find our buddy The Chad cuz he said he would help sneak us in and let us camp at his spot. We thought we were going to have trouble trying to sneak in.. like climb a fence or something. NOPE. we just walked our happy asses right in the front gate.. no one even looked at us twice it was awesome haha. We find The Chad, go to set up the tent and the only thing in the bag is the damn spikes and the tarp that goes over the tent. Where in the fuck was the rest of it?! LMAO Chad slept in his car and we crashed in the tent. Nizos took off and me and amber attempted sleep but it was too damn hot so we got up and walked around.
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haven't updated in a while [13 Jun 2006|01:39am]
[ mood | bored ]

June 1st (thursday)- I went to work and drove to Amber's house after getting off work.

2nd (friday)- We woke up, picked up Spoon, stopped my the mall..then headed to Plainfield, In for IWA's King of the Deathmatches. Night 1 was alright. Quite a few i had never heard of.... *shrug. Im not going to go into great detail cuz i really dont remember who won what match and what not off the top of my head.. if u are interested check out the site. LoL. Met up with Candace, i was excited. I hadn't seen her since last August... so it was about damn time. I got to see Robles too! yay!
*dear girl across the ring from us: your outfit was hideous. And when you wear a skirt.. please remember to keep your legs closed. Amber was blind for the rest of the night after that.*snicker.
Later, back at the hotel.. everyone passed out so me, amber and spoon walked over to waffle house and ate.. then went on a beer mission and we just happened to find some right before they stopped selling it. We had no where to really go to drink, so we just sat in the hotel bathroom and drank beer all night. *DIES. ..then....... sleep.

3rd (saturday)- Night 2 was awesome. We headed over to the building about 5? maybe.. Candace got a one time use grill and we made hot dogs. yum! Lots of crazyness. barefoot thumbtack match, leeches.. lobsters.. lol all kinds of crazy shit.
*outside smoke break..me, amber, spoon, candace and angela are out at the car.. guy walksup..*
*hey can i smoke with you guys?" *everyone looks at each other.
"ill give u a beer..." *everyone still like uhh....
"Im a wrestler... Im die hard." .... *everyone looks at each other.. and u hear a random "Uh. ok?"
and the winner is....
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[20 Jan 2005|08:06am]
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