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our one day gotj 09 experience lol

-Me and Amber got off work at midnight on Friday, ran to wal-mart, picked up Nizos and headed to the gathering at total random. No tickets, nothing. Hah not payin for that shit. We arrived around 6am. I had a tent in my trunk since gathering 07.. hadn't touched it since. So i'm like hell yea we have a tent lets do this. We find our buddy The Chad cuz he said he would help sneak us in and let us camp at his spot. We thought we were going to have trouble trying to sneak in.. like climb a fence or something. NOPE. we just walked our happy asses right in the front gate.. no one even looked at us twice it was awesome haha. We find The Chad, go to set up the tent and the only thing in the bag is the damn spikes and the tarp that goes over the tent. Where in the fuck was the rest of it?! LMAO Chad slept in his car and we crashed in the tent. Nizos took off and me and amber attempted sleep but it was too damn hot so we got up and walked around.

-Ate a some breakfast.. and saw this guy

walked around some more.. just checkin out the area what was happening and what not. it was pretty early so people just walkin around.

After a while we decided since it was still early and hot as fuck we would take a car ride into whatever town was nearby and get some beers and drinks and foods and what not. There was ferry to go across into Kentucky and it took forever so we waited..
There was this weird thing

and a biker shop



-The Ferry

-Waiting sucks

-this guy was taking pictures

So nizos got out of the car and asked around to see if there was any liquor stores closer.. turns out 9 miles the other way was a little town. Woo! we left. fuck you ferry!

-We found our beers and vodka and such and then walked down to this resturaunt
-Also people selling faygo on the street haha

-me and nizos walking

-everyone in there was old


-i felt kinda akward in there lol

-went back to the thing. walked around for a bit.. found this tent with this guy doing like knife throwing and fire and shit.. and found our buddy Shannon

-then this chick. We called her "v".. obviously

-this guy climbed the tent

after that took off to see what was up with the neden game or whatever was going on.. got there and it was Pondo doin some weird contest where these 2 dudes ate worms, raw hamburger, and dirty lollipops swiped down the crack of this dudes ass. yes. all for what? One cd. seriously. amber has video footage. LoL.

its sooo hottt


-i dont even know

-"what are they doin? shit ill go up there and eat some worms"



-then outside of the tent there was this cool shit happening

-we start talking to this dude outside the tent and it was his first gathering so we were tellin stories and blah blah.. he followed us..
..this guy

-mist tent.. niiiice

we walked past this guy.. passed out.. someone let off firecrackers right by his head and he didnt even wake up.. he did it real big..

Went to see Big B and Dirtball. awesome. *later to find out the one EJ i was searching for was right across from me *shakes fist!*
-us and this guy

-... lol

after that walked up to spazmatic and sat for a bit and watched these people set up a broken chair and ask dudes if they want a lapdance then they sit and fall. HA. it never got old lmao

-life water. yum.. ok not really. Vodka.. yummmmm

we signed the table. duh

-this guy was too lazy to carry a bag of ice.. he like.. drove it wherever he was going lmao

-nizos asked if he could sit in this dudes chair and passed out

-people and rides and fun stuff!

-everything as all good.. i had a good view of the stage.. then this guy

-doin it big during Blaze

-didnt feel like watching Kottonmouth Kings so we walked back up to Spazmatic to hang for a bit and see if we saw any peeps...





-amber meant to take a picture of these people doing whatever it is they are doing.. but i just happened to come back from the potty at the same time LOL

-doin it big

-we see this guy around alot. hes from canada, plays for team canada rugby and has 32 cars or some shit LOL. he had a bet with some people that he could get some girl from the gathering to come live with him in canada for a year. i mean shit they have free health care. he asked me, and i declined. if he lost.. he had to give up some kick ass car. wonder what happened with that? lol

-this guy .. is really tall



i just LOVE this picture. hahah


-this guy had a flashing head on a stick. i was amused


-ok. if you look real close.. you can see Lord Darkness fucking floating above the crowd. some AWESOME person brought a lord darkness head.. and had it on a stick. It was the most AMAZING thing i saw. *high fucking five whoever you are

then we found Kiersta YAY!

-and shannon again!

-tha ladiessss

-shannon was all about flames by this guys butt lol

...there are no more pictures from the rest of the night. i did it big. real big. there was club chaos.. some guy following me. rydas.. gwar... passed out in a chair in the sun.
and then i woke up.
good times

-woke up.. amber and nizos asked if i wanted to go home.. i didnt.. but kinda did.. it was so hot.. but yeah i donno. we left anyway..
there was this weird watermelon stand.. with like dummys everywhere. it was odd

-nizos loves watermellon

-Soooo tiredddd

-since my moms house was only 30 mins up the interstate from where we were.. we stopped there for a bit..

sat around for a bit.. went and ate at Dick Clarks.. YUMMM then headed back
-niz sleeping

Gas and Stuff HAHA

We all laughed SO HARD over this picture. lmao.

..then they did a reverse

at this point..i am SO FUCKING TIRED i can barely keep my eyes open lol

..he so creepy


we stopped at a gas station that had some car show

..and made it back to Cincinnati!
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