Kell Rell (xcrackedhalox) wrote,
Kell Rell

CKY Cleveland 8-6-2009

if you don't know.. i am a huge fan of CKY. *haters fall back* anywho .. i have had really bad luck in seeing them and now i finally got too.. so here is me and ambers journey

-gas station

and we begin our journey

we passed this guy.. he honked lol

did i say fuck xenia? why yes i did

there are these signs on i-74 we always try to get pics of.. finally we got good ones...

then we got stuck in columbus traffic

fuck traffic!

broad street. HA!

i have this thing.. where i hate it when people drive all leaned over... with their hand on their chin tryin to look cool like they are thinkin about somthin.. i fuckin hate it! lmao

-awesome biatches

we stopped at a rest area to get snacks and what not
wtf am i looking at lol

so this thing splatted on my windshield.. we thought it was a bug..but damn. its kinda big to be a big.. i donno wtf it is.. but eeww

this truck. hahhaha 1-800-giant-men

we made it to cleveland

u must cross FEARGRINDER! lmaoo

we get to the show.. talk to some people.. not really interested in opening bands...beers..hang out..
it was SO easy to get in front row.. i just walked around the side.. and there i was. right in front of Chad.. *swoon

best picture i took woo!

there was a weird doorway... creepy

amber took her shoes off



omgz i just saw CKY!

then we stopped at hardees.. man i miss hardess.

mmm hardeesss

we stopped at a loves truck stop

gettin gassss

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Broad Street is my exit.
That "thing" on your windshield was mutant. Good thing it's dead.
Hardees MMMmmmm....
yea man we were like holy shit that cant be a bug lmaooo
hardees rules. i had the ham and cheese it was delish