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Hey, It's Alright My Life Has Never Been A Bed Of Roses....

....this ways better for me.....

Kell Rell

by cherry_scar

Name: Kelly a.k.a. KellRell, Kelly Belly, Raviolli
Age: 23
Lives Where?: Cincinnati, Ohio
What do i like? Alice in Wonderland, Beer, Bowling, Chinese Food, David Copperfield, Freddy Krueger, Guitar Hero, Halloween, Horror Movies, Jager Bombs, Nation of Hation, Night Time, Peter Petrelli, Post Secret, Power Rangers, Road Trip, Rock Band, Rollercoasters, Sunflower Seeds, Txt Messages, Twilight, Vodka & Cranberry, Wrestling, Zombies
What Can i Not Stand? CD's That Skip, Country, Dennis Quaid, Flat Tires, Git-R-Done, Girls Gone Wild, Hunting, J.G. Wentworth Commercials, Michael *from Lost*, Nascar, People That Hold Their Chin When They Drive, Pocket Lint, Seafood, Sequin Purses, Speeding Tickets, Steven Seagal, Tornados, Work

Heroes, Twilight, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Lost, Bones, Dexter, House M.D., The Office, Dirt, Scrubs,

Marilyn Manson, Skold, Cky, Twiztid, (hed)p.e., Dead By 28, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, KMFDM, Jack Off Jill, Alice In Chains, ICP, Deadsy, Fiona Apple, Sneaker Pimps, Mindless Self Indulgence, Mudvayne, Porcelain and the Tramps, Orgy, Scarling, Smashing Pumpkins, Stabbing Westward, Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings, The Sounds, The Cure, Atmosphere, Bloodhound Gang, Hole, Horrorpops, My Ruin, Portishead, Massive Attack, Wednesday 13, Dope +++++

2Gether, Alice in Wonderland, American Psycho, Army of Darkness, Back to the Future, Batman, Battle Royale, Beetlejuice, Bundy, Cable Guy, Can't Hardly Wait, Clay Pigeons, Clockwork Orange, Devils Rejects, Donnie Darko, Empire Records, Equilibrium, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Eyes Wide Shut, Fight Club, Haggard, House of 1,000 Corpses, Ichi The Killer, Idle Hands, Legend, My Boyfriends Back, Natural Born Killers, Nightmare on Elm Street, Oldboy, Pulp Fiction, Ready To Rumble, Requiem For A Dream, RHPS, Run! Ronnie Run!, Shock Treatment, Star Wars, Stay, Strangeland, Tank Girl, Texas Chainsaw 2, The Cell, The Rules of Attraction, The Virgin Suicides, The Wedding Singer, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, +++++

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Tim Skold is <3

Chad Ginsburg is <3

Legend is <3

*The Funniest Picture I Have Ever Seen*